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August customers can now easily check things off their home improvement to-do lists to tap right into Pro.com’s national network of certified professionals to get a price, get a pro and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Get instant estimates on home improvements by clicking the Pro.com tab in the August app.


Once you choose your project, one of Pro.com’s Job Manager's will match you with a trusted Pro.


Once the job is scheduled, use your August app to grant access to your home.

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At Pro.com we've made it our mission to simplify home services—especially the up-front research before a project even starts. As homeowners, we were frustrated with the time and effort it took to figure out how much a project would cost, find home services professionals with the right qualifications and work ethic, and dealing with the hassle of back-and-forth phone calls, scheduling, and getting the work done.

So we set out to create an experience that would make it easier for homeowners to price projects, find pros, and check things off their home to-do lists.

* 10% discount is for all projects up to $1000.